Unit 2 schedule

Consult the latest daily plan for more specific details on homework.


T, 2/12: WordPress review

For next class: Finish Unit 1 Reflection and put it in your WRT folder, read “How DigiPo Defines a Fact.

Th, 2/14: Introduction to Unit 2, fact-checking sites, and coming up with fact-checking material.

For next class: Read Caulfield 1-6


T, 2/19: Move 1: Looking for previous work

For next class: Read Caulfield 7-11

Th, 2/21: Move 2: Going upstream

For next class:: Read Caulfield 12-15; write and publish your first post on WordPress (Fact-check #1)


T, 2/26: Improving fact-checking with WordPress

For next class: Read Caulfield, 16-18; publish Fact-check #2 on WordPress

Th, 2/28: Move 3: Reading laterally, media bias

For next class: Publish Fact-check #3 on WordPress


T, 3/5: Filter bubbles

For next class: Read Caulfield, 20-25; publish Fact-check #4 on WordPress

Th, 3/7: Recent studies and 3 ideas for your final, Truth-O-Meter post.

For next week: Publish Fact-check #5: A draft your final Truth-o-meter post next week.


T, 3/12-3/14: No class. Although I highly encourage you to visit the Writing Center at least once this week, I am happy to provide feedback on this draft. If you want to receive feedback from me, I will need your draft no later than the Monday of Spring Break (3/18). To get feedback:

  1. Post your fact-check to your WordPress site, AND also paste it into a new Google Doc in your WRT Drive folder with an appropriate title (i.e “DRAFT Truthometer”).
  2. Add the link to your blog at the top of this Doc so I can look at that easily.
  3. Share the Doc with me or email me and let me know if you are interested in getting feedback. I’ll use your Google Doc version to add comments.

After Spring Break Revise/work on Truth-o-meter post. It will be due on Tuesday, 4/2.