Unit 1 schedule

Consult the latest daily plan for more specific details on homework.


T, 1/22: Introductions, syllabus overview, Google Drive setup, marginalia

For next class:  Complete survey, read and annotate Roberts-Miller (in Reading folder in Google Drive)

Th, 1/24: Politics of post-truth: demagoguery, and an introduction to methods of holistic annotation.

For next class: Listen to “The Business of Internet Outrage” (The New York Times‘ Daily podcast) and annotate using the holistic method.


T, 1/29: Economics of post-truth: clickbait; intro to hypothes.is and web annotation

For next class:: Read and annotate Anderson’s “How America Lost Its Mind” (The Atlantic) using the holistic method or hypothes.is (if you’re feeling confident with it). Install the hypothes.is Chrome extension at home.

Th, 1/31: American culture and post-truth: conspiracies

For next class: Read and annotate Beck’s “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” (The Atlantic) using hypothes.is.


T, 2/5: Psychology of post-truth: confirmation bias

For next class:Read/watch and annotate Boyd’s “Your Data is Being Manipulated” (Medium) using hypothes.is.

Th, 2/7: Technologies of post-truth: algorithms

For next class:: Write your reflection.