Cookies | Section 4

Section 4 // 11:00 a.m. // #cookies
Panel members: Mallory, Sofia, Alex, Christina
Hashtag: #cookies
Twitter questions:
Q1: Have you noticed advertisements showing up on social media of items you just searched?
Q2: How would you feel if your browser saved all of your private information if you accepted cookies?
Q3: Do any of you know or use any counter technologies to combat cookies?

Post4: “Check out this article, to understand how cookies tracking your online purchases can actually backfire on you.”

“The Complete Guide to Cookies and All the Scary Stuff Websites Install on Your Computer” (Field Guide, April. 2017).
“Know your cookies: A guide to internet ad trackers” (DigiDay, Nov. 2017).
“How to Make a Tracking Cookie” (WikiHow).

Counter Technologies:
Use the private browsing mode that each browser now comes with (Incognito, InPrivate, etc) on any type of electronic device.

Here are counter-measures designed for iPhones-

Clear step-by-step instruction to control cookies or delete existing ones on your computer.