Fake News | Section 4

Panel members: Sarah, Virginia, Juliet, Mykenzie

Hashtag: #fakenews

Twitter questions:

Q1: What kind of impact do you think fake news really have in the minds of voters?

Q2: As Pope Francis released a messaged on “fake news,” it stated that it is a “sign of intolerant and hypersensitive attitudes, and leads only to the spread of arrogance and hatred.” Do you agree with the Pope? Why or why not?

Q3: Alex Cui said that in order to combat fake news more must be done than just alerting people, do you agree with this statement? If not what else do you propose could be done to combat fake news?


Open Mind: http://thehill.com/homenews/media/366432-students-create-extension-to-help-counter-fake-news


The Debate on Net Neutrality | Section 3

Section 3 // 9:30 a.m. // #NetNeutrality

Panel members: Matthew, Julia, Megan

Hashtag: #NetNeutrality

Twitter questions:

Q1: Do you know what Net Neutrality means?

Q2: Who does net neutrality benefit?

Q3: How do you think the appeal of net neutrality would affect you?


If You Don’t Understand Net Neutrality, This Burger King Ad Could Help” (Simplemost, January 2018)

7 Reasons Net Neutrality is Idiotic (Dailywire, July 2017)

Questions and Answers on ‘Net Neutrality’” (phys.org, December 2017)

Counter-technology: Wehe (App), Contacting your representatives

Cyberbullying | Section 3

Section 3//9:30am//#cyberbullying

Panel Members: Sabrina, Lewis, And Mike

Hashtag: #cyberbullying

Twitter questions:

Q1: Provide the definition of cyberbullying in your own words, what’s an example of #cyberbullying?

Q2: What are ways you think we can prevent/limit #cyberbullying?

Q3: Have you known someone or have you yourself ever been a victim of #cyberbullying?




Cyberbullying | Section 4

Section 4 // 11:00 a.m. // #cyberbullying

Hashtags: #cyberbullying #buylling #countertechnology


Panel: Karley, Nicole, Lily, Christina

Twitter Questions

  • Do you think celebrities should get special treatment for cyberbullying? Do we let them get away with it sometimes?
  • Have you/anyone you know ever been cyberbullied? How did you/they handle it?
  • Would you consider Donald Trump a cyberbully? Why/why not?


Counter Technology

#Catphishing vs #Catfishing

Section 4 // 11:00 a.m. // #Catphishing vs #Catfishing

Panel Members: Morgan, Nicole, Lauren

Hashtags: #Catphishing, #Catfishing, #Phishing, #Online Dating, #Scam, #Fraud, #InternetScam,

Twitter Questions:
Q1: What do you know about #catfishing and #catphishing? How would you explain them and the differences to someone who doesn’t know anything about it?
Q2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN9t4rDgYMo
Have you ever watched MTV’s show “Catfish”? If so, how do you think it is bringing awareness to the issue(negative or positive)?
Q3: Have you personally or do you know someone who has either been catphished or catfished? If yes, please share briefly of the experience.

History of Phishing : Please look at the page that opens when you click the link, also please hover over the Prevention Tab and look over the “10 ways to avoid phishing scams.”

Bad romance: catphishing explained


  • (Google Doc)
  • Facebook’s Dual Factor Verification Software [link]