Planning the Future of Writing — Part 2

On Monday we looked at the student-made site, The Future of Writing, and collected responses to that site on a Google Doc.  For homework, I asked you to look at the site more closely and develop some ideas for a project. Today, then, your goal is to develop a plan for that project that will be submitted in less than 4 weeks. Let’s review the Plan section of the Unit 3 assignment.

Let’s hear about some of your project ideas and as we listen, let’s think about ways we can help these writers shape their ideas into a plan that has:

  • practical goals
  • ideal goals
  • a list of tasks that will fit into a 3-week schedule

Once we discuss a few of these, I’d like you to flesh these out individually in your Google Doc (remember to open and save these in your WRT folder). Then, in the last 20 minutes, we will reconvene and share these ideas — adding comments as a class to a shared doc.