Workshop: Truthometer drafts

Today we are workshopping your drafts with help from the Writing Center, but before we get to it, our tutors will begin by giving us a sense of what the WC can do for you, where it’s located, and how to make an appointment.

The Writing Center!



Workshopping the Truthometer posts

  1. Make sure your draft is titled correctly and is easy to find on your site. It should have [DRAFT] before and/or after the title of the post (example: “[DRAFT] Did Pence ignore sister of North Korean leader? [DRAFT]”)
  2. Go to this spreadsheet and add your post’s URL next to your name.
  3. While you are in the spreadsheet find your name in the reader columns. You will respond to 2 drafts today.  For each author: follow their link to their blog and complete this form.
  4. At the end of class, we’ll look at some of the results together.

Homework for Monday, 2/19

  • Use the feedback from today to revise your draft. Post your final Truth-o-meter fact-check as a new post. That is, do not overwrite the DRAFT post; instead, create a new post so that I can compare the changes. This post is due by midnight on Monday, 2/19 unless you go to the Writing Center. If you do that, and you email me the client report form, you may turn in your work on Wednesday, 2/21 instead.