Portfolio requirements

Task: Create a final portfolio for Unit 2 in Google Drive that collects evidence of your work and reflects on your experience blogging in during this period of social distancing.
Points: 50 (25 points for the rubric; 25 points for the reflection)
Due: By end of the day on Thursday, May 7

Step 1: Make a new folder in your WRT shared folder titled “Unit 2 Portfolio”

To do this, go to your WRT folder in Google Drive, click the “+ New” button at the top left of the page, and choose the folder option. Title this folder “Unit 2 Portfolio.”

Step 2: Complete the points rubric. [25 points]

This is the most important step as your points rubric serves as a map to your work in this unit. Some of you have been dutifully tracking your points using the student version of the spreadsheet I made for you a few weeks back. If that’s the case, please move it to the new “Unit 2 Portfolio” folder that you just made (to move files in Drive, right click (control + click) and choose the option to “Move to”). If I didn’t see this spreadsheet in your WRT folder, I added one to it (titled “Unit 2 rubric for portfolio.gsheet”). Be sure this rubric is accurate as I will be using it to assess your work, trusting a little and checking a little.

Step 3: Reflect on all 3 aspects of this unit: blogging, improving WordPress, and participating. [25 points]

Create a new Google Doc in your Unit 2 Portfolio folder and title it “Reflection.” Copy and paste the following sections into this document and respond to each section with a combination of your writing, embedded links, and inserted screen grabs. Aim for a few hundred words per sections for a total word count of ~1,000-1,200.

  1. Blog posts. Tell me how about your experience blogging in this unit. You might choose to talk about invention practices (how you got an idea), your process for blogging (did you draft?), length of posts, your imagined audience, or your future as a blogger.
  2. WordPress. Tell me about your experience improving your WordPress in this unit. You might choose to talk about which tasks you approached and why, particular rewards/challenges to the platform, if you’ll continue using it, etc.
  3. Participation. Tell me about your experience participating in this unit. You might choose to talk about which aspects of participation you chose and why and if they helped or didn’t.
  4. Feedback for me on this unit. This summer I will not only teach WRT online but build a more permanent online version of it on Canvas. What aspects of this unit’s content (blogging/WordPress/participation) should I consider keeping moving forward? Which should I get rid of? Is there something I did not do that I should have? And what aspects of my online instruction helped you the most? Zoom meetings? YouTubes? LinkedIn Learning? The course site? Emails from me? Was there an approach you wished I used or utilized more of?