Reflecting on Unit 2

Let’s start today with a writing prompt:

  1. Find your WRT folder in Rowan’s Google Drive. It should be labeled as your lastname, firstname (i.e. Luther, Jason).
  2. Create a new Google Doc and title it “Unit 2 Reflection.” Write your name and date at the top.
  3. Freewrite on this question for 10-15 minutes:  What is one thing from our conversations in this unit that stuck with you? What will you do differently, if anything, online? What more do you want to know or learn about after this unit?

As we chat about these answers, take some additional notes on this document as this question is one of six you’ll answer for Tuesday.

Materials for reflection

  • Complete the Internal assessment form if you haven’t done so already. Again, this form evaluates your role and performance in your group.
  • Zotero bibliography — see our WRTf17 Zotero group library.
  • hashtag, chosen readings, Twitter questions, counter-technology or technologies — see your group’s Daily Plan.
  • The spreadsheet of feedback from the class that I shared with you yesterday
  • Tweets — download this spreadsheet to view an archive of tweets that used #WRTf17 (or if you struggled to use the hashtag, use TAGS to make an archive of your own tweets)

Unit 3: The Future of Writing Project

On Tuesday we’ll start our final unit, which will ask you to develop a final project that draws from what we’ve learned in the first unit on web literacies and/or the second unit on digital phenomena and counter-technologies to produce content for a webzine called The Future of Writing. You’ll be allowed to draw from a range of programs and digital technologies — audio, video, html — to create this project, but you’ll have to turn it  by Monday, December 18, leaving you about three weeks to complete it. Check out this Google Doc for ideas and add your own.