Group 4 panels

Section 3 // 9:30 a.m. // #activism

Panel members:  Reilly, Britt, Amira

Hashtag: #activism

Twitter questions:

Q1: Do you think #activism is effective in its campaigning? Why or why not? (Reilly)
Q2: Did you hear about the #metoo campaign before reading these articles? If so where/ who did you hear it from? (Britt)
Q3: Why are progressive activists using hashtags on social media as a tactic to form popular phenomenons– Do you see this as a positive or negative form of expression? (Amira)


Counter-technology: Go on Twitter and search #Activism. Find another activism phenomena other than #MeToo and provide a one sentence summary on what the hashtag is used to promote, or speak out against, and what it means.

Section 4 // 12:30 p.m. // #onlinedating apps

Panel members: Dana, Ellie, Stephen, Melanie

Hashtag: #onlinedatingapps

Twitter questions:

Q1: If you’ve ever used an #onlinedatingapp like #Tinder, what types of info did you allow on your profile? If not, what info WOULD you allow?
Q2: Has anything about these #onlinedatingapps ever raised some safety concerns for you?
Q3: What types of #data do you think #onlinedatingapps might have access to?