The Future of Writing Project

Unit 1 encouraged you to develop a toolkit of research strategies unique to the web with the goal of being able to not only evaluate but also find trusted information.  Unit 2 asked you work collaboratively to inquire into certain forces and phenomena controlling our experiences on the web, with the goal of developing a knowledge base you could build from. In this final unit, then, you will begin go public with your strategies and knowledge by working together and with me to launch a new website called The Future of Writing or FOW. The primary mission of FOW is to create a multimediated space for Rowan Writing Arts majors to share opinions, arguments, and inquires about the relationship between digital culture and college life.

While I have laid out this basic mission and some ideas for content on this Google Doc, you will be responsible for beginning to shape this into regularized content, providing the first examples of the kinds of multimedia we will publish in future WRT classes using a range of tools. In short, the choice of what you write and how you write it is largely up to you.

We’ll immediately begin by examining some the genres, sections, and prompts found on example sites and use these to shape our own. But there’s a catch: you only have three weeks to do this. Hence, the crux of this assignment requires three documents: a plan, a project, and a letter to the next WRT class. These should all be included in a subfolder labeled “Unit 3” within your WRT Google Drive folder.

The plan. This is a key document as it helps sketch your project and strategies for the next few weeks. It has four components. [Due in your Unit 3 Drive Folder before class this Thursday, November 30, though the plan may evolve over the next few weeks. Your version history will keep track of changes. ]

  • Brief description of the project (100 words), including your title, media chosen, tools required, and a summary of content.
  • Practical goals (bulleted): these are 3-4 learning objectives you plan to achieve by the end of the unit (example: learn the basics of Garageband, write a draft of a critical review of an app, etc.)
  • Ideal goals (bulleted): these are 2-3 goals that would be awesome to meet if you had more time.
  • Schedule: a breakdown of what you’ll do in class and out to meet the practical goals listed above. You might consider filling in a grid like this with your tasks to meet your goals:
Tuesday HW Thursday HW
Nov 28 Nov 30
Dec 5 Dec 7
Dec 12 Dec 14

The project. This is the actual output you’ll produce, whether it will be a review of a piece of tech/game/app, logo for our site, or a draft of a longer piece about the dark web. Keep in mind that you should envision a project that is realistic given the time constraints, but also imagines a more perfect, publishable version for the future [This is due as a draft in our site’s WordPress with your process documents organized in your Unit 3 Drive Folder no later than Tuesday, December 19.]

The letter. Originally I was going to have you write a reflection for me, looking back on your plan and project to see how you did; however, since FOW is an evolving project, I think it makes better sense to write this as a letter to a future WRT student who will take your project over in the spring. These letters, in other words, would be one of the first things students read when they are taking over FOW.

As such, construct your letter as follows:

  • Refer to the title of your project and include your name and Rowan email address.
  • Write an introductory ¶ that succinctly describes your project, attributes where your idea came from, and lists your practical and ideal goals for it.
  • 2-3 ¶s that describe your process — tell the reader what you did, describe specific challenges, and how you responded or adjusted to them (note: if you adjust your plan as you went along, you might consult its version history )
  • 2-3 ¶s that suggest future directions for this project — how could it be continued? what would students need to do to make this publication ready?

This letter should be 800-1,000 words and include embedded media and/or hyperlinks to content. [Due in your Unit 3 Drive Folder no later than Tuesday, December 19.]