WordPress: Create a site icon

Task: Create a site icon for your WordPress.
Points: 3

Customized site icons — commonly called favicons — are a simple, subtle way to make your WordPress blog more unique or branded. These tiny images are essentially logos that show up in your bookmarks or tabs. I’ve gotten so accustomed to them, that whenever possible I delete the text associated with them in bookmarks bar and all of my course sites have them (see below).

It is really easy to make one in WordPress. To do so:

  1. From your admin panel go to Customize > Site Identity.
  2. Scroll down to the Site Icon section and click Change Image.
  3. WordPress recommends images that are 512 x 512 pixels (see the lesson on customizing banners for more about pixelization).
  4. Since Site Icons are always square in shape, it’s best to find an image that is even on both sides. However, if your image is not square, WordPress will make you crop it as one. As long as you have a square section in mind within a larger image, that image will likely work.
  5. Once you’ve cropped your image, save it and you should be good to go. Sometimes browsers take a few tries to load site icons so if you don’t see it working, try a different browser or device (including your phone’s).