WordPress: Register & redirect a custom domain

Task: Register a custom domain name, redirect it to your current WordPress site, and email me the new link.
Points: 5

It might seem like a minor thing, but entrepreneurial authors argue that owning a slice of the web through a custom web address has become increasingly necessary for writers who self-publish and self-promote their work. The good news is that registering a domain is easier than you might think.

What is a domain? Before I show you how to register a domain, let me explain what it is. A domain name is the same thing as a web address or URL — literally the address that marks your location on the web. The domain name I own for this course site, for instance, is futureofwriting.com (domains can be spliced into subdomains which is why I having my domain allows me to also have wrt.futureofwriting.com, iwa.futureofwriting.com, etc.).

The nice thing about domains is that they can redirect or push users to sites hosted elsewhere. In other words, you can own your own domain or web address, but still use other free platforms like WordPress.com to store your content.

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What name should I choose? Before you watch my tutorial on how to register a domain, consider the address name you want since there are some things to consider. The most obvious name would be your full author name (I own jasonluther.net since another Jason Luther owns jasonluther.com).

To help you make this decision, I strongly suggest you take a look at this LinkedIn Learning video, “Registering Domain Names.”

How do I register a domain? Take a look at my YouTube below to help you get started. Note: When registering a domain with Google Domains, you should not expect to spend more than $12/year. Once its registered email me the new address.