Technologies of Post-Truth: (Big) Data

Today we are spending all of our time talking about the documentaries you watched. We’ll use your notes and money quotes to guide our discussion about web data, capitalism, and democracy.

Money quotes from the documentaries

Activity: Open your holistic annotation + money quotes Google Doc in your WRT folder and:

1. Copy + paste the most significant quote from one of the two documentaries you watched. Include the the speaker, film title, and the starting time mark. For example: “—Brittany Kaiser in The Great Hack (43:01).”
2. Explain what is happening at that point in the film and why this quote is clarifying, special, or otherwise important. You might also note what effects are being used.
3. Raise a question, draft a brief response, pose an objection or a passionate agreement — basically anything that is sticking with you after the documentary.
4. Once you are finished, paste it into the appropriate  class doc:

[Sec 2/9:30 a.m.]
[Sec 3/12:30 p.m.]

Homework for next class

  • Read Maggie Koerth-Baker’s “Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped” (FiveThirtyEight) and take some informal holistic notes (not graded). We’ll use these notes in an activity in class on Thursday.