Luth-o-meter lab day

Today we are working in the lab on revising and publishing your final posts for Unit 1: the Truth-o-meter assignment. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I really want to see you using this time wisely (being productive, asking questions, solving problems, etc.).

Also! A limited time offer: add the appropriate Buckmaster-made Luth-o-meter gif from this folder to the end of your post (depending on the conclusion of your fact-check) and you get 1 bonus point.

Homework for next class

  • Publish your Truth-o-meter on WordPress. Be sure to include “Truth-o-meter” in the title so it’s clear which one it is. If you visited the Writing Center for 5 bonus points, don’t forget to forward me your client report.
  • Print-out & read Dana Cloud’s “Pants On Fire! On the Rhetoric of Fact-Checking in U.S. Political Culture.” We will spend some time in class annotating, unpacking, and going over her arguments. Even though this is a complicated text (and you will not understand all of it), if you don’t read it at all, you are going to be very lost in class.