WordPress: Create a site icon

Task: Create a site icon for your WordPress.
Points: 3

Customized site icons — commonly called favicons — are a simple, subtle way to make your WordPress blog more unique or branded. These tiny images are essentially logos that show up in your bookmarks or tabs. I’ve gotten so accustomed to them, that whenever possible I delete the text associated with them in bookmarks bar and all of my course sites have them (see below).

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Participation: Give a classmate feedback

Task: Give a classmate feedback on a blog post via email, WordPress, or Blackboard (~200-300 words).
Points: 5/each

Writing is fundamentally a social activity; it requires readers who, ideally, respond to it and ultimately build communities. Some of you are already seeing such rewarding community engagement in action. While that might be a lofty goal for these times, I have added an option for the participation category this week: give a classmate feedback.

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