Reading laterally on recent studies

Today we are spending some time talking about those studies you researched and planning for your final project.

According to a recent study…

For your 4th blog post, I asked you to go upstream on a news report that cites a recent study. There were a number of news stories to choose from in the headlines.

  • What did you choose?
  • How did your searches go? What tools did you use to locate your study?
  • Did you “accurately summarize the state of research and the consensus of experts in a given area, taking into account majority and significant minority views” as Caulfield suggests? ¬†
  • Was this difficult?
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Filter bubbles

Media bias and filter bubbles

For your homework today, you read laterally by looking at what others have said about one of the sources listed on the far left (blue) or far right (red) on AllSides. From this you were supposed to answer a few questions:

  • What did you discover from other sources? Did you trust this information you read?
  • What could you find about each of these sources in terms of the site’s process, expertise, and aim?
  • What makes consuming info from these sources a potential problem for our country?
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