Economics of Post-Truth: Clickbait

Money quotes from “The Business of Internet Outrage”

Activity: Open your holistic annotation + money quotes Google Doc in your WRT folder and:

1. Copy + paste a significant quote from the podcast.
2. Explain what is happening at that point in the podcast and why this quote is clarifying, special, or otherwise important.
3. Raise a question, draft a brief response, pose an objection or a passionate agreement — basically anything that is sticking with you after the podcast.
4. Once you are finished, paste it into the appropriate 💰🗯 class doc:

[Sec 2/9:30 a.m
[Sec 3/12:30 p.m.]

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Welcome to WRT!

Welcome to Sections 2 and 3 of Writing, Research, & Technology (WRT for short)! I’m Jason and I’m looking forward to working together this semester. Today we are getting to know each other, reviewing the syllabus, getting acquainted with one of the spaces we will be using this semester (and which some of you are already familiar), and preparing for our work for next class.

Once you get settled, please complete this survey.

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