Group 5 // Section 1 // 11:00 a.m. // Conspiracy Theories

Panel: Ivy, Erica, Joanna


Online Discussion Questions:

Q1: Have you ever heard any conspiracy theories?

Q2: In recent news politicians have been accused of using conspiracy theories to manipulate the public. What has been your experience with news sources using conspiracy theories to manipulate public opinion?

Q3: Do you think something should be done about the spread of conspiracy theories?

In Class Discussion Questions:

Q1: How do conspiracy theories help fuel prejudice towards minority groups?

Q2: Should conspiracy theories be regulated online? If so, how should online sources implement regulations to compact conspiracy theories?

Q3: Do you think that some conspiracy theories are geared towards a particular group of minorities? If so, what are some ramifications of such theories?

Counter technology:

Group 1 // Section 1 // 11:00 a.m. // Conspiracy Theories & Government Trust

Panel Members: Jenna, Eve, Larry, and Sam

Online Discussion Questions:

  1. Starting in 1958, since it started being recorded, people’s trust in the government has decreased less and less.  What do you believe is a reason for this? What kind of technologies do you believe contributed to this?
  2. Do you believe that it is possible for conspiracy theories to be stopped? How?
  3. What are the conspiracy theories you have heard that sound totally insane?


2. “Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped(FiveThirtyEight Blog, March 2019)

Counter Technology: Snopes