Move 3: Reading laterally (Day 2)

Some WordPress time

Some common issues after spending time reading your sites:

  • Organization of the site: static v latest posts, menus that work, etc.
  • About Me: should be a page with image, links, formats.
  • Titles: Should have the Factcheck number right in the title (i.e. “Factcheck #1: Did Bernie Sanders Say White Don’t Understand Poverty?”)
  • Posts should not have pasted URLs (i.e. but should include embedded links to content.
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Move 2: Going upstream (Day 2)

Factcheck #1 on WordPress

Before we jump into an activity that will help you plan your next post, lets see what you were able to post for FC#1 [spreadsheet]. As we look at some of these, we should ask:

  • Does the post explicitly identify a specific claim or fact from a specific source? Is it linked? Is its context described?
  • Is Move 1 visible? That is, does the post detail information that came from both a fact-checking site (Politifact, Snopes, etc.) & Wikipedia?
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Move 2: Going upstream (Day 1)

Front Matter: Before we get into Move 2, let’s check in about Move 1. On Tuesday we looked at several political memes and you practiced Move 1 on them. Then, for homework, you were asked to apply Move 1 in a more formal draft in Google Docs. You will translate this into a WordPress post today.

  • Is your Move 1 draft in your WRT folder? Is it titled something that makes sense (i.e. “Factcheck #1 draft”)
  • What meme did you choose to examine?
  • What strategies that Caulfield suggests for Move 1 worked well? Which were more complicated or challenging?
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