Luth-o-meter lab day

Today we are working in the lab on revising and publishing your final posts for Unit 1: the Truth-o-meter assignment. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I really want to see you using this time wisely (being productive, asking questions, solving problems, etc.).

Also! A limited time offer: add the appropriate Buckmaster-made Luth-o-meter gif from this folder to the end of your post (depending on the conclusion of your fact-check) and you get 1 bonus point.

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Workshop: Truth-o-meter drafts

Today we are workshopping drafts of your Truth-o-meter posts. Before we get to that, please know you can and should use The Writing Center for help.

Note: If you meet with someone before Tuesday, I will give you 5 extra points. To get this, I will need proof that you went there — not that you made an appointment — so be sure to ask your tutor to complete a consultation report (sometimes referred to as a client report form) and send a screenshot of that to me.

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Move 3: Reading laterally (Day 2)

Some WordPress time

Some common issues after spending time reading your sites:

  • Organization of the site: static v latest posts, menus that work, etc.
  • About Me: should be a page with image, links, formats.
  • Titles: Should have the Factcheck number right in the title (i.e. “Factcheck #1: Did Bernie Sanders Say White Don’t Understand Poverty?”)
  • Posts should not have pasted URLs (i.e. but should include embedded links to content.
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