Keeping track of your points in Unit 2

Points in this unit are flexible and as such it is important for you to track them so you know where you stand week-to-week. To do that I encourage you to add following spreadsheet to you own Google Drive.

Please be sure to follow these steps; otherwise you might be editing a spreadsheet we can all see and download:

  1. Go to the student copy of the Points Rubric spreadsheet, which is stored on my Drive (this is different than the one on the course site).
  2. Add it to your Drive by clicking the Drive + logo to the right of the document title (see screenshot)
  3. You can put this sheet anywhere you want in your Drive. That is, you do not have to add this to your WRT folder. Up to you. To move the file click “Organize” and navigate your Drive to where you want it to go.
  4. Once it’s added to your Drive, add points to the sheet as you complete the listed tasks. For example, if you met with me today on Zoom, you would add 5 points under the 4/3 column for that category (under “Participation”). If you meet with me again on Thursday change it to 10 points. If you cleaned up your WordPress after watching the YouTube, add 5 points to that category. The sheet is programmed to add up the sum in the columns chronologically, tallying them per week and from week to week in the red row. This sheet could come in handy later when you design your portfolio and are looking back at the last five weeks.