Workshop: Truth-o-meter drafts

Today we are workshopping drafts of your Truth-o-meter posts. Before we get to that, please know you can and should use The Writing Center for help.

Note: If you meet with someone before Tuesday, I will give you 5 extra points. To get this, I will need proof that you went there — not that you made an appointment — so be sure to ask your tutor to complete a consultation report (sometimes referred to as a client report form) and send a screenshot of that to me.

Not sure how to make an appointment? Here’s how:

Workshopping the Truth-o-meter posts

  1. Make sure your Truth-o-meter draft is in your WRT folder in Drive and titled something obviously like “truth draft.”
  2. Go to this spreadsheet and choose to review a draft by adding your Rowan email address to the Reader column.
  3. Once a reader has signed up to review your work, share this draft with them using the provided email address.
  4. Once an author has shared their draft with you via email, read their post and complete this form. At the end of class, we’ll look at some of the results together.

After you’ve completed the form, use the review features in Google Docs to provide some additional feedback, keeping in mind the rubric we looked at in our last class and some of the possible responses you could contribute, including:

  • Commenting on THE FACT. Read the 1st ¶ a few times. Point out the sentence from it that best captures the fact that is being investigated and explain why.
  • Commenting on THE MOVES. Point out a few moments when the author’s description of a move is clear. If you are struggling to find such a moment, please note this to the author. Are there any moves missing? Does the author linger too long on a move?
  • Commenting on THE RESULTS: Point out where the author concludes their post with some nod to consensus surrounding the fact in question (that is “a claim by which there is general agreement by people in the know”).
  • Commenting on THE BLOG. Follow the link at the top of the Doc to the original WordPress post. Are images, video, and audio embedded? Are they useful? Do they enhance the post?
  • Adding something new. Contribute a new move or build from one they already used by fact-checking the source yourself.
  • Commenting on moments when the author’s description is not very clear. What could be done to improve this?
  • Commenting on additional sources and/or moves that the author could use in the post. 

Homework for next class

Use the feedback from today to keep revising your draft; make progress toward posting your final by the end of the day Tuesday, 10/8. Again, get 5 bonus points by visiting the Writing Center and forwarding me your consultation report, which looks like this: