Group 4 // Section 1 // 11:00 a.m. // Clickbait

Panel Members: Megan, Sandra, Lewis

Online Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you actually learn something from clickbait? Is it worth clicking?
  2. Are there benefits to clickbait? Negatives?


In-Class Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you experienced “attention merchants” (product advertisements) at schools?
  2. The article discusses two curiosity gaps.  Which one do you relate the most to?
  3. What kind of headlines feed your curiosity gap the most? (ex: politics, fashion trends, etc.)

Counter Technology:

Easy AdBlocker Search Manager

The Best (and Worst) Ad Blockers 

  1. AdBlock
  2. CyberSec by NordVPN
  3. CleanWeb by Surfshark
  4. Opera
  5. Firefox
  6. CyberGhost
  7. R.O.B.E.R.T. by Windscribe
  8. Google Chrome
  9. AdLock
  10. Microsoft Edge