Introduction to Unit 2

Unit 2 overview

Fact-checking sites

Activity: Work with folks at your table to choose and read one article from your assigned fact-checking site. Create a shared Google Doc to cut and paste certain moments that respond to the following questions. You break this task up however you’d like.

  1. Note how this fact-check contextualizes the work. Discuss: What info does it provide from the start? How does this help you understand why and how the check is justified?
  2. Note some of the sources used. Discuss: How they describe the claim being checked as well as establish facts in the ways we just discussed (via consensus among people in the know? are they trustworthy?)
  3. Note the researcher’s strategies. Discuss: What moves, approaches, or kinds of language do they use to make their process clear to readers?
  4. Note the links and media that is embedded in the site (images, video, etc.). Discuss: How does this help readers understand the issues?

Homework for Tuesday, 2/19

Read Caulfield’s Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers: Chapters 1-6