Economics of Post-Truth: Clickbait

Money quotes from “The Business of Internet Outrage”

Activity: Open your holistic annotation + money quotes Google Doc in your WRT folder and:

1. Copy + paste a significant quote from the podcast.
2. Explain what is happening at that point in the podcast and why this quote is clarifying, special, or otherwise important.
3. Raise a question, draft a brief response, pose an objection or a passionate agreement — basically anything that is sticking with you after the podcast.
4. Once you are finished, paste it into the appropriate 💰🗯 class doc:

[Sec 2/9:30 a.m
[Sec 3/12:30 p.m.]

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Luth-o-meter lab day

Today we are working in the lab on revising and publishing your final posts for Unit 1: the Truth-o-meter assignment. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I really want to see you using this time wisely (being productive, asking questions, solving problems, etc.).

Also! A limited time offer: add the appropriate Buckmaster-made Luth-o-meter gif from this folder to the end of your post (depending on the conclusion of your fact-check) and you get 1 bonus point.

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Workshop: Truth-o-meter drafts

Today we are workshopping drafts of your Truth-o-meter posts. Before we get to that, please know you can and should use The Writing Center for help.

Note: If you meet with someone before Tuesday, I will give you 5 extra points. To get this, I will need proof that you went there — not that you made an appointment — so be sure to ask your tutor to complete a consultation report (sometimes referred to as a client report form) and send a screenshot of that to me.

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