Move 2: Going upstream (Day 2)

Factcheck #1 on WordPress

Before we jump into an activity that will help you plan your next post, lets see what you were able to post for FC#1 [spreadsheet]. As we look at some of these, we should ask:

  • Does the post explicitly identify a specific claim or fact from a specific source? Is it linked? Is its context described?
  • Is Move 1 visible? That is, does the post detail information that came from both a fact-checking site (Politifact, Snopes, etc.) & Wikipedia?
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Move 2: Going upstream (Day 1)

Front Matter: Before we get into Move 2, let’s check in about Move 1. On Tuesday we looked at several political memes and you practiced Move 1 on them. Then, for homework, you were asked to apply Move 1 in a more formal draft in Google Docs. You will translate this into a WordPress post today.

  • Is your Move 1 draft in your WRT folder? Is it titled something that makes sense (i.e. “Factcheck #1 draft”)
  • What meme did you choose to examine?
  • What strategies that Caulfield suggests for Move 1 worked well? Which were more complicated or challenging?
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Welcome to WRT!

Welcome to Sections 2 and 3 of Writing, Research, & Technology (WRT for short)! I’m Jason and I’m looking forward to working together this semester. Today we are getting to know each other, reviewing the syllabus, getting acquainted with one of the spaces we will be using this semester (and which some of you are already familiar), and preparing for our work for next class.

Once you get settled, please complete this survey.

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